PPC Management

  • Pay Per Click advertising is a vital component of any Internet Marketing Campaign. Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is the quickest way to get to page ranking on any search engine that provides PPC campaign services.

  • Pay per click campaigns can be turned on or off at any time and will you have control over your budget and advertising schedule. PPC campaigns can be constantly optimized for reducing cost per lead and increasing your Return on Investment.

  • 5 reasons to use PPC:

    1. 1. Quick to setup and run. Create Pay per click advertising account, set up billing preferences, create campaigns and ad groups, add keywords and landing page and all there is to it.

      2. Targeting PPC advertising to certain geographic areas, regions, and cities. Target a greater geographic region relevant to your business or service that you might not rank for in organic search engine.

      3. Only advertise to users searching for your specific keywords. Set your advertising campaign towards a targeted traffic to decrease cost and increase revenue.

      4. Control over your spent and monitor your performance. PPC give you great accountability.  With PPC you can monitor your keyword performance and also will give you full control over your ad spending. Advertise as you want, when you want and the price you want.

      5. Get information and track your clients. By doing analytics you can see what your clients are interested in and where they are coming from. Optimize your site and advertising to attract more clients.

  • To increase traffic and ads click trough you need to optimize your PPC campaign, which an SEO expert can do this for you efficiently and effectively.


Qnixnet works with the Big 3 (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft AdCenter) for PPC Management.