Social Media Marketing

  • In the recent years, Social Media Marketing has become one of the most important factors in online marketing. Social Medias are being used for:

Brand visibility and authority
Promotion of product or services
Driving traffic to a website
Link building (SEO Purpose)

There are different forms of social media; here some of the most known kinds of Social Media:

Social Networks: These types of social media will allow people to build WebPages and connect with others to share content and communicate. For example (Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo)

Blogs: Basically blogs are online journals where the author will write about anything that interests him and publish it for others to see. Some blog platforms are Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger.

Wikis: Shortened for Wikipedia, it refers to contents that are created online and can be worked on by multiple users at different times and places.

Podcast: Digital audio or video files that are made available for downloads through web Syndication.

Forums: Interactive online discussion areas.

Microblogs: Microblogs allows users to send brief text updates limited to 140 character long posts. Twitter is the most popular example of a microblogs.